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Northern Route Southern Route  Central Route
Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai Phuket - Chiang Mai Bangkok - Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai - Chiang Saen - Golden Triangle Phuket - Chiang Rai Bangkok - Chiang khong
Chiang Mai - Mae Sai Phitsanulok - Seatranferry (Don Sak,Samui) Bangkok - Mae Sai
Chiang Mai - Lampang - Golden Triangle    
Lampang - Payao - Chiang Rai    
Chiang Mai - Phayao Northeastern Route  
Chiang Mai - Chiang Khong  Bueng Kan - Mae Sai  
Chiang Mai - Thoeng    
Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai - Chiang Khong    
Chiang Mai - Mae Sot    
Chiang Mai - Phayao - Nan    
Chiang Mai - Chiang Muan    
Chiang Mai - Phrae - Nan    
Chiang Mai - Phrae    


Route 166 Chiangmai - Chiangrai

Chiangmai - Chiangrai
Depart Arrive Class
7:00 am 10:20am X-Class
8:15 am 11:15am V-Class
8:30 am 12:00am A-Class
9:00 am 12:10am X-Class
9:30 am 1:00pm A-Class
10:15am 1:15pm V-Class
10:30am 1:50pm X-Class
11:00am 2:20pm X-Class
11:30am 3:00pm A-Class
1:15pm 4:25pm X-Class
2:15pm 5:45pm A-Class
2:45pm 5:45pm V-Class
3:00pm 6:10pm X-Class
(Fri,Sun)4:00pm 7:20pm X-Class
(Mon-Thu,Sat)5:00pm 8:20pm X-Class
(Fri,Sun)5:15pm 8:15pm V-Class
5:30pm 9:00pm A-Class
6:00pm 9:00pm V-Class
(Fri,Sun)6:30pm 9:50pm X-Class
(Fri,Sun)7:00pm 10:20pm X-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • V-Class 258 Baht
  • X-Class 166 Baht
  • A-Class 129 Baht
Chiangrai - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
6:15am 9:45am A-Class
9:00am 12:00am V-Class
9:15am 12:45am A-Class
11:00am 2:30pm A-Class
11:30am 2:40pm X-Class
12:15am 3:25pm X-Class
12:45am 3:45pm V-Class
1:15pm 4:45pm A-Class
1:45pm 4:55pm X-Class
2:15pm 5:35pm X-Class
3:00pm 6:20pm X-Class
3:15pm 6:15pm V-Class
4:15pm 7:35pm X-Class
5:00pm 8:00pm V-Class
5:15pm 8:45pm A-Class
5:30pm 8:50pm X-Class
(Fri,Sun)6:00pm 9:00pm V-Class
(Fri,sun)6:45pm 10:05pm X-Class
(Fri,Sun)7:30pm 10:50pm X-Class

Route 1661 Chiangmai - Chiangrai - Golden Triangle

Chiangmai - Golden Triangle
Depart Arrive Class
12:00am 5:15pm X-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • X-Class 212 Baht
Golden Triangle - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
8:45am 2:00pm X-Class

Route 1663 Chiangmai - Chiangrai - Chiangkhong

Chiangmai - Chiangkhong
Depart Arrive Class
8:00am 1:10pm VX-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • VX-Class 395 Baht
  • X-Class 254 Baht
Chiangkhong - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
9:45am 2:55pm VX-Class

Route 619 Chiangmai - Chiangrai - Maesai

Chiangmai - Maesai
Depart Arrive Class
(Mon)05:15am 9:55am VX-Class
6:00am 11:15am A-Class
8:00am 12:40am VX-Class
09:30am 2:10pm VX-Class
12:30am 5:10pm VX-Class
2:00pm 6:40pm VX-Class
3:30pm 8:10pm VX-Class
(Mon-Thu,Sat)4:15pm 9:30pm A-Class
(Fri,Sun)4:30pm 9:10pm VX-Class
(Fri,Sun)5:00pm 10:15pm A-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • V-Class 319 Baht
  • X-Class 205 Baht
  • A-Class 160 Baht
Maesai - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
6:15am 11:30am A-Class
7:30am 12:05am VX-Class
8:15am 12:55am VX-Class
9:45am 2:25pm VX-Class
2:00pm 7:15pm
2:30pm 7:10pm VX-Class
3:30pm 8:10pm VX-Class
(Mon-Fri-Sun)4:30pm 9:10pm VX-Class
6:00pm  10:40pm  VX-Class 

Route 150 Chiangmai - Lampang - Phayao - Chiangrai - Chiangsaen - Golden Triangle

Chiangmai - Golden Triangle
Depart Arrive Class
08:00am 4:00pm X-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • X-Class 290 Baht
Golden Triangle - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
8:00am 4:00pm X-Class

Route 146 Lampang - Payao - Chiang Rai

Lampang - Chiang Rai
Depart Arrive Class
7:00am 11:30pm A-Class
8:00 12:30pm A-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • A-Class 137 Baht
Chiang Rai - Lampang
Depart Arrive Class


15:00 19:30pm A-Class

Route 672 Maesai - Maesod

Maesai - Maesod
Depart Arrive Class
6.45am 4.40pm X-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • X-Class 416 Baht
Mae Sot - Maesai
Depart Arrive Class
7.00am 4.55pm X-Class

Route 6721 Chiangmai - Lampang - Maesod

Chiangmai - Mae Sot
Depart Arrive Class
8:30am 2:00pm X-Class
13:10am 6:40pm X-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • X-Class 290 Baht
Mae Sot - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
6:15am 12:20am X-Class
10:00 4:05pm X-Class

Route 198 Chiangmai - Phayao

Chiangmai - Phayao
Depart Arrive Class
6:30am 9:20am X-Class
8:00am 10:35am VX-Class
12:00am 14:50pm A-Class
(Fri,Sun)1:30pm 4:05pm VX-Class
(Fri,Sun)2:45pm 5:35pm A-Class
4:30pm 7:05pm VX-Class
5:45pm 8:35pm A-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • V-Class 221 Baht
  • X-Class 142 Baht
  • A-Class 111 Baht
Phayao - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
9:00am 11:35am VX-Class
10:30am 1:20pm A-Class
(Fri,Sun)12:30am 3:05pm VX-Class
3:00pm 5:50pm X-Class
5:00pm 7:35pm VX-Class
5:45pm 8:35pm A-Class
(Fri,Sun)6:00pm 8:50pm A-Class

Route 671 Chiangmai - Phayao - Thoeng - Chiangkhong

Chiangmai - Chiangkhong
Depart Arrive Class
9:30am 3:40pm X-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • X-Class 259 Baht
  • A-Class 202 Baht
Chiangkhong - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
10:30am 4:45pm X-Class

Route 6711 Chiangmai - Phayao - Thoeng

Chiangmai - Thoeng
Depart Arrive Class
3:15pm 8:20pm A-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • A-Class 167 Baht
Thoeng - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
6:15am 11:20am A-Class

Route 113 Chiangmai - Phayao - Chiangmuan - Nan

Chiangmai - Nan
Depart Arrive Class
10:30am 5:40pm A-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • A-Class 213 Baht
Nan - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
7:30am 2:20pm A-Class

Route 1131 Chiangmai - Phayao - Chiangmuan

Chiangmai - Chiangmuan
Depart Arrive Class
2:15pm 7:25pm A-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • A-Class 175 Baht
Chiangmuan - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
6:00am 10:50 A-Class

Route 1692 Chiangmai - Lampang - Phare - Nan - Thungchang

Chiangmai - Thungchang
Depart Arrive Class
10:00am 5:30pm VX-Class
10:30pm 5:45am X-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • V-Class 487 Baht
  • X-Class 313 Baht
Thungchang - Chaingmai
Depart Arrive Class
7:30am 3:10pm X-Class
8:30pm 3:30 VX-Class

Route 169 Chiangmai - Lampang - Phare - Nan

Chiangmai - Nan
Depart Arrive Class
7:15am 12:55am X-Class
9:00am 2:40pm X-Class
11:30am 5:20pm A-Class
2:30pm 8:10pm VX-Class
3:30pm 9:10pm X-Class
(Fri,Sun)6:00pm 11:40pm X-Class
10:30pm 3:30am X-Class
(Fri,Sun)10:30pm 3:30am VX-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • V-Class 395 Baht
  • X-Class 245 Baht
  • A-Class 197 Baht
Nan - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
8:30am 2:10pm X-Class
10:45am 4:35pm VX-Class
12:30am 6:20pm A-Class
(Fri,Sun)2:00pm 7:50pm X-Class
3:00pm 8:50pm X-Class
(Fri,Sun)5:00 10:50pm X-Class
10:30pm 4:00pm X-Class
10:30pm 4:00pm VX-Class

Route 1691 Chiangmai - Lampang - Phare

Chiangmai - Phare
Depart Arrive Class
8:30am 12:20am VX-Class
12:30am 4:20pm VX-Class
4:15pm 8:05pm A-Class
5:00pm 8:50pm VX-Class
(Fri,Sun)6:00pm 9:50pm VX-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • V-Class 266 Baht
  • X-Class 171 Baht
  • A-Class 133 Baht
Phare - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
6:00am 10:00am A-Class
8:00am 12:00am VX-Class
9:00am 1:50pm VX-Class
1:00pm 5:00pm VX-Class
(Fri,Sun)5:00pm 9:50pm VX-Class

Route 779 Phuket - Surathani (Co-op) - Chumphon - Prachuap Khirikhan - Nakhonsawan - Tak - Lampang - Chiangmai

Phuket - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
3:00pm 2:30pm V-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • V-Class 1,646 Baht
Phuket - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
4:00pm 3:30pm V-Class

Route 780 Phuket - Surathani (Co-op) - Chumphon - Prachuap Khirikhan - Phisanulok -Uttaradit - Phare - Phayao - Chiangrai

Phuket - Chiangrai
Depart Arrive Class
5:00pm 5:45pm VX-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • V-Class 1,736 Baht
  • X-Class 1,302 Baht
Chiangrai - Phuket
Depart Arrive Class
5:30pm 6:15pm VX-Class

Route 872 Phitsanulok - Nakhonsawan - Nakhonpathom - Ratchaburi - Prachuap Khirikhan - Chumphon - Suratthani - Donsak (Harbour)

Phitsanulok - Donsak (Harbour)
Depart Arrive Class
4:10pm 8:40am VX-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • V-Class 1,184 Baht
  • X-Class 888 Baht
Donsak (Harbour) - Phitsanulok
Depart Arrive Class
2:15pm 7:10am VX-Class

Route 1 Bangkok - Phitsanulok - Chiang Mai

Bangkok - Chiangmai
Depart Arrive Class
7:00am 6:30pm X-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • X-Class 488 Baht
Chiangmai - Bangkok
Depart Arrive Class
10:30am 10:30pm X-Class

Route 957 Bangkok - Maesai

Bangkok - Maesai
Depart Arrive Class
3:50pm 6:30am X-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • X-Class 581 Baht
Maesai - Bangkok
Depart Arrive Class
5:15pm 7:30am X-Class

Route 962 Bangkok - Chiangkhong

Bangkok - Chiangkhong
Depart Arrive Class
7:45pm 8:30am X-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • X-Class 592 Baht

Route 841 Bungkan - Mae Sai

Chiangkhong - Bangkok
Depart Arrive Class
3:15pm 5:30am X-Class
Buangkan - Mae Sai
Depart Arrive Class
3.00pm 09:00am VX-Class

Ticket Fee:

  • V-Class 1,168 Baht
  • X-Class 751 Baht
Mae Sai - Buangkan
Depart Arrive Class
5:00pm 11:15am VX-Class



Remark : * Extra trip on high season

Bus type            
V-Class V-Class is premium seat with air conditioning 24, 30 seats with on-board bus toilet.    
VX-Class Both of VIP and X class on one bus
X-Class Bus with air conditioning 40 seats with on-board bus toilet.    
A-Class Bus with air conditioning 48 seats no service on-board bus toilet.  
        Update information on December 01, 2016